I built this ship to be just what I wanted. It's very fast, has good jump, a decent scoop, good shields and integrity, runs cool enough.

But the weapons are a problem. I made a mistake going for frags. I should have tried them first, before engineering them. Frags are fun, and can be very effective. But that's a weapon for close-range slugfests, not for a slasher. If I had known how spread the shot is I would have gone for something else. My mistake.

So I still need a solution. I'm thinking of moving the corrosive MC to the center hardpoint and putting efficient thermal vent beams in the wings.

This does three things

-- Increases my actual DPS. It's easy to look at the Coriolis numbers with a frag cannon and say ooh, lookee at all that DPS! But only some shots are going to hit with all submunitions and even then the frequency with which you are firing with frags is something less than every second biggrin

-- Adds 7t to the build. This chops off 80 m/s of speed.

-- Reduces effective range. My idea for this ship was to fight it at full speed. I've done this now and it's awesome as I knew it would be. So maybe I can be content with 'having done it'. Changing to efficient beams means the effective range is drastically lowered over an all-kinetic build. So I would have to change the way I fight it, making it more conventional and losing some of what I was gunning for at the outset. At this stage I have to say fair enough and change tack. This armament would allow continual fire for as long as I hold the trigger. But of course that means less slashing and more saddling up.

This configuration also fits in the current power profile. I will finish the PD and change the experimental to Super Conduits to support the beams.

The trump card is it is still blazing fast and very agile. Just not as much as before. So attaining and maintaining advantageous positioning is easy. But it increases vulnerability, and the protection is good, but not capable of taking too much sustained fire. Against NPCs this isn't really much of an issue, but something to consider anyway.

Has anyone used cannons in their builds? These have no falloff and are fully effective to 3.5 km if I understand it correctly. Can't put corrosive on them though.

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