The game is a lot of fun, I've had a great time with it both story mode and online. Managed to get my online level almost to 120 which is the final unlock level before I stopped.

For me I want to play with players that have the same mindset. Some folks play with sirens and explosions as the background music. I like more chill. I also despise the Jetsons stuff which has no place in this game for me. Deluxos, Oppressors, Up and Atomizers and that sort of thing ruin the game. Normally I would dismiss such claims. "Ruin" the game? But yeah, these things suck and I would play in a server that locked these things out in a heartbeat.

Online, I want to run missions, do business stuff, keep a low profile. Love flying helos on this map. Love the cars and the bikes. The properties. I bought a gorgeous office garage and filled it with amazing whips and have no one to show it off to smile

Big fan of street racing, but hate stunt racing. Enjoy the golf. Amazing game world in GTA 5. Finding someone who wants to play this way isn't easy. Folks seem to gravitate toward the flying motorcycles and general mayhem which just makes me roll my eyes.

Heists are what I have missed out on so far. Still holding out hope to run these with a group that actually wants to do them well. I'll keep tabs on this thread just in case....

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure