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His life, not yours. He's free to do as he wishes.

That picture, Haggart, makes my feet tingle and my skin crawl. Good heavens.
Now, if I had a wingsuit and knew what I was doing, that valley would be a heck of a lot of fun to soar through. Or a hang glider.

Not really, the state makes all sorts of laws that limit our recklessness with oneself. This just happens to be one of those areas that not enough people are demanding state money after they hurt themselves for them to regulate it.


Last time I checked, in America, not California, you are free to do as you wish so long as you aren't harming someone else. Or do you seriously think we should make it a crime to partake in risky activities such as rock climbing? Because if you do, you're welcome to leave this country. I don't want you here.