Those adapters are sold all the time, just like the one mentioned earlier (a SATA to PCIe). And most people don't even remotely know the difference. All they see is that, physically, it connects what they have to what they need want.

My point is that adapters of any sort can be very misleading. One problem with the 2x6 type you are referring to is that they can be connected, as I explained, to two 6-pin connectors that are on the same lead back to the PSU (just like with the Dell in the video you posted).

These adapters exist for one simple reason: To allow a video card manufacturer to sell a card to someone who would otherwise also have to buy a new PSU.

The designer of your PSU knows: If it was intended to drive an 8-pin load, there would be an 8-pin connector(s) on it. Nobody ever made a power supply and put 6-pin connectors on it when it could support 8-pin loads...though they have done the opposite many, many times (more connectors than PSU can support in actual load). Marketing. Stupid.

The guy trying to sell you the video card doesn't know anything about your PSU - he just knows you won't buy his graphics card if he doesn't make it so that you can use it. So, rather than lose a sale, he spends a little bit more to include an adapter. Again, marketing.

Once again, my test demonstrates just because 'it works' doesn't make it a very good idea. I did it because I know how stupid it is. Anyone else trying it is probably doing it because they have no idea how stupid it is. All they know is they got an adapter that will work, and some guy did it on the it MUST be OK...they wouldn't make and sell these adapters if it weren't safe to use them...

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