A postscript to this build. AMD bundled a copy of The Division 2 with the CPU. Most stuff I've gotten in a hardware bundle is usually ignored or forgotten, but the Division 2 looks to be a really good game and is just released as well. AMD's redemption system sucks, and if I didn't actually want to play the game I would have just flipped them the bird and been done with it. There has to be a better way.

I won't go in to all of the details, just wanted to voice my displeasure. Just as an example, they force you to wait 24 hours to get your game after registering if you don't give them your mobile number. I'm sure they spent that 24 hours confirming my identity in a myriad of other ways. They also require you to download and run a hardware verifier, which has the most suspect of file names. Like mash all the keys on your keyboard for 45 seconds and that's the name of the file they want you to download. I still did it. I wanted the game dammit.

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