Philip Grimwald
Squadron pilot

8th Aug 1940

First flight, fantastic mission, squadron took off to intercept the jerry in our shiny Mk1a spits, downed two he111's, suffered minor damage to landing gear and was able to land back at base with the gear down 98% of the way. What a smashing success!

Second flight, routine patrol over our convoys by Dover, ran into some 109's sadly, Flew straight into the back of a 109 chasing my squadron leader, plane blew into pieces, was too injured to bail out and died in the crash as the spit plummeted from 14k feet.


These RAF pilots don't last long!

The spits an absolute joy to fly. Loving it, figured out the auto pilot and increase speed buttons so patrol missions are fine now, just wish I could make it past the first day of my enlistment!

On to the next young buck.