Wingy, Got it working. I'm in game now, but no worries if you're on to something else.

I got the stick working. I kept trying different USB ports. The thing is, in some of them, Win 10 saw the stick and the pop-up window confirmed it. But CCP wouldn't. A couple of slot swaps later CCP did. Like I said to you and Neph, this new box/mainboard has I think three different types of USB ports, but not all seem to like the Cougar.

I went back in to Elite but my custom binds were gone. I checked the appdata folder and there they were. So why wouldn't Elite load them? FDev just bought a month's worth of grace period from me because they coded it to produce a file that tells you why your binds didn't load! Bless their socks.

I had disconnected the X Box controller that I use for FSS/DSS and that meant my custom binds wouldn't appear because I didn't have all of the needed controllers hooked up. Derrr

So I'll fly back to Dvorsi now, and get the Krait ready and see if you pop back in.

Thanks to you and Neph for the help.

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