The 1660 Ti was a great choice I think. For the games I play I have little need for ray tracing quite frankly so don't miss it. The card is considerably smaller than my 1070, looks to have superior image quality, is at least as fast and draws a lot less power. Good all around. For the money this card is really hard to beat in this market.

For anyone looking to pick one up be aware that all 1660 Ti's come with 6 GB of GDDR6. Non-Ti cards can have as little as 3 GB of GDDR5. Big difference!

Thanks for the info. I plan to overclock this chip. I think I can do it with a $20 cooler like a Coolermax 3000 or the Hyper 212. Should have bought that already. I edited it out in one of the above posts, but I mistakenly thought I was getting the Wraith Prism. Only after I ordered it did I discover the Stealth is bundled with non-X 2600s.

AMD's got their game together these days thumbsup

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