3 April 1915

Dugan Vystavel writes: "0602: Lt Ellis and I are assigned to scout an enemy balloon. 2 hours 6 minutes.
1509: Lt Ellis and I flew a second mission, this time scouting the enemy aerodrome at Hambourdin. 2 hours."

Lennart Altendorf writes: "1001: Showed a new pilot, Vfw Fricke, around the area. Took him from our base at Bertincourt north to Monchy-le-Preux, then up to our airfield at Phalempin, southeast to Douai then home again. 3 hours 1 minute.

Filimor Hanse writes: "1117: Offensive patrol over the lines near Niewpoort. Traveling alone again. Saw nothing. 1 hour 20 minutes."

Noel Kay writes: "1156: Sent north to scout Buzancy again. Propeller failed along the way. Made it back to Senard safely. 28 minutes."

Corrigan Aujla writes: "Rain squall moving through. No flying today."

Odis Först writes: "Ltn Boelcke came to visit us today with some sad news. His older brother, our beloved Hptm Wilhelm Boelcke, has been transferred to a new unit. Hptm Straub and I will have to miss the party."

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