I think it'll do just fine, the AMD CPU that is. I wasn't looking to go AMD when I began the process, but it started to look like the most attractive option. We will see, but I think I made the best choice for what I was looking to do.

I was in the dark concerning the main board having been away from AMD for so long. So I hope I picked a good one. I've always bought mobos with impressive features that I don't end up using, so here I went with a more barebones one. It's a MSI B450-A PRO. Less than $100 for the board.

Edit: 2600 comes with Wraith Stealth, not Prism, so will be looking for another cooler.

The power supply is Seasonic. They get great reviews. Ram kit is Corsair DDR4 3000. Middle of the road but won't hold back the CPU and I can bump it anyway.

Graphics card is MSI GTX1660 Ti Ventus XS. Just seemed to fit what I was trying to do. I'm losing 2 GB of VRAM from the 1070, but the faster memory and much better bandwidth should make up for it. Plus it draws less power and probably runs cooler too. The 1660 Ti seems to be great bang for the buck. Turing architecture with a few features missing (ray tracing, tensor cores).

My expectations are that I will have a new box that's a little better in most respects than my dead one. I'll certainly give my impressions once it's up and running.

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