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ANU: aircraft nose up
AND: aircraft nose down
At 05:40:28 Manual electric trim in the ANU direction was recorded and the stabilizer reversed moving in the ANU direction and then the trim reached 2.3 units.
At 05:40:35, the First-Officer called out “stab trim cut-out” two times. Captain agreed and co-pilot confirmed stab trim cut-out.
At 05:40:41, approximately five seconds after the end of the ANU stabilizer motion, a third instance of AND automatic trim command occurred without any corresponding motion of the stabilizer, which is consistent with the stabilizer trim cutout switches were in the ‘’cutout’’ position.
At 05:41:30, the Captain requested the First-Officer to pitch up with him and the First-Officer acknowledged.
At 05:41:46, the Captain asked the First-Officer if the trim is functional. The First-Officer has replied that the trim was not working and asked if he could try it manually. The Captain told him to try. At 05:41:54, the First-Officer replied that it is not working.

Was it broken or was it that he didn't know how much strength it would take to move it at 250 knots?

Did the captain try to move it with the first officer?

The conversation here doesn't seem to mention turning the cutout switches back on, how is it that it autotrimmed with the switches on CUTOUT? is this one of the flaws in the design, or did they flip the cutouts back to the normal positions?

incidentally, one of the techniques taught in that fantastic AA training course was unloading the aircraft to restore control of the aircraft after malfunction of a control surface or trim failure.. Really, everyone should watch it..

There was a mention of the captain asking the co-pilot to help pull back on the control,

The aircraft was at 340knots and getting faster, final speed before the end of the recording was over 500knots, so a lot of resistance to moving the controls/ trim and they did not have the height above ground level to unload the aircraft to trim manually.

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