I built this one in January of 2017

-- i7 6700K Skylake
-- Asus Z170 mainboard
-- 16 gigs o' RAM
-- EVGA 750w power supply
-- 500 GB Samsung SSD
-- 2TB Seagate mechanical
-- Asus GTX 1070 8GB
-- Win 10

Machine locked up last night after playing Elite Dangerous. Wouldn't post when I tried to reboot.

This morning it starts up but with a red screen. I can still see the BIOS info and that sort of thing, but it's a red background and the screen is like a static fuzz all over it.

Research points to video card or video driver, which of course is what I expected. Anyone have the same thing before?

Hows the best way to go about trying to fix it? Reboot in safe mode and try to re-install the video driver?

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