That's the key IMO vonBaur. Balancing the wanting and needing. I don't need a boat. I'm choosing quality of life.
One thing that comes as a huge relief to me is never have to worry about losing my job. Political Correctness is out of hand. I'm not racist, but I do find racial humor funny. (my wife says that makes me racist)
I can laugh at myself too. I miss the days of good natured ribbing with your friends/coworkers. The sensitivity training we were forced to take was ridiculous. You could joke with a coworker, but someone overhearing could be offended.
I asked the l women, is there a point of being TOO sensitive ? She stared at me a second and said no. So it's open season, scary.
First thing you saw when you walked in the plant was a poster stating the companies commitment to human rights blah blah blah. Good riddance.
Don't get me wrong, I believe I know the difference between a laugh and abuse. But PCness sucked a lot of the fun out of the workplace.

You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need
You gotta sleep on your toes, and when you're on the street
You gotta be able to pick out the easy meat with your eyes closed
And then moving in silently, down wind and out of sight
You gotta strike when the moment is right without thinking