Truth be told, I was aiming at 2020, but my work situation became unbearable. Supervisor who had never done my job telling me he knows all about it and flat ignoring his boss when told to do anything to help me. Other department sups letting their people get away with murder making my job harder and then me getting hauled in to HR for finally telling them to start doing their jobs and enforcing company rules. I had scaled back to this year because I couldn't afford to be without medical insurance under full Obamacare rules. When the mandate and its associated tax penalty were removed at the end of 2017 I decided that mid 2018 (a few weeks before my 64th) would be a good time. It was.

No retirement savings at all, but I own my home and the 10 acres it sits on, my cars and bike are mine and I'd worked off my credit card debt. So Social Security covers everything plus a little left over. The key, in my opinion, isn't having a lot so much as not needing a lot.