Retired 3 years ago after 2 careers lasting 44 years altogether.

Never been so busy in my life! Quite apart from all the home and yard projects, running two volunteer gigs and also took up a couple of new hobbies/sports. Just, not golf! (and this from someone born just 25 miles from St Andrews’..)

The really (_really_) important thing is to stay busy. In my RAF days we would see chaps retire at 55 (mandatory retirement age for British military), and not make it to 60. Had one very nice friend, a very fine Irish squadron leader, pass away at just 55 & 3 months.

I think there’s a kind of “stress decompression” thing that can do you in, if you’ve been busy busy busy your entire life then suddenly stop entirely. So, one should aim for a glider landing not a carrier landing! (am sure everyone here will get that wink