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Funny, Recluse. I’ve got the same paint job. Skipped the ‘conda for now, I figure the skin will be there when I do get it.
Engineering is part of what keeps me from getting a new ship. Data and manufactured mats are no problem, it’s the #%&*$# raws that gives me fits.

Just the opposite for me!!! The RAWS I don't mind at all...but the pesky Manufactured stuff like CONDUCTIVE COMPONENTS, CONDUCTIVE CERAMICS, HEAT RESISTANT CERAMICS, IMPROVISED COMPONENTS drive me crazy. Listed as STANDARD, COMMON or RARE (except for VERY RARE Improvised components) they are still hard to find and the exchange rate at the Brokers is painful...

Too bad there is no way to jettison MATS or I would definitely mine RAW materials for you in exchange for manufactured ones!!

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Gotta say, this XP deal on wings is a kick in the pants. I basically don't care about money any more. I have over a billion in assets. But I really want to hit triple Elite. Cooperative play should have a bonus attached, not a nerf.

YES.. as mentioned on that forum thread you linked, Frontier seems to go out of their way to mess up the Mulitplayer experience. The Full Bounties for each Wing Member is good, though. Really helps kickstart new players with less capable ships. Of course, back in the day, that was SPLIT also, and was still a good source of starter credits.

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