All of the "usual suspects" are in Nephilim's PG so we usually all join that one. Then we wing up as necessary. Wings are maxed out at 4. It is DEFINITELY beneficial to wing up. That way all Wing Members get the FULL BOUNTY from the hapless target providing they get at least one shot in. Otherwise it is pretty much every man for himself, and I believe the only person to get the bounty is the LAST one to get a shot in before the target dies.

If people are not in the NEPHILIM PG, and he isn't around to authorize, anyone can host a PG.

Also beneficial to make sure you have key binds for the:

Target Wingman 1,2,3 (by default 7,8,9)
and Target Wingman's Target (by default: 0 (zero))

This makes finding each other and finding and synchronizing targets much easier. Most of us also have HEALING BEAM Lasers which when shot at a WING MEMBER will regenerate shields. If not in a wing, they will act as regular weapons.

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