Tomorrow morning there should be new Community Goals announced. Often there is a Bounty Hunting CG, so that might be a good place to go if one pops up. Good for the Credit Balance too... Otherwise, any system with some HIGH/HAZ res will work.

Usually there are folks hanging out on the SimHQ Teamspeak, so even if there is no response to this thread, show up on TS3 and odds are it will be easy to get a Wing together.

Long system spec sig follows:

PowerSpec G436
Lian Li ATX 205
MSI Z490 Plus Motherboard
Intel Core i7 10700K 3.8 GHz
32 GB RAM DDR4 1600
Nvidia RTX3070

Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit

Flight Gear:

Cougar Hotas S/N 26453
Thrustmaster RCS Rudder Pedals