Here are some future fixes, improvements and new features currently being tested. It will be released sometime in the future, in the next patch or quite possibly in the next addon (we will decide)..
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27th May 2019
Contents and Improvements

Version 4.22 4241

1) QC - Fixed an issue with the mouse pointer mode over the enemy skin selection pulldown menu

2) QC - Player position in flight now has two modes - based on workshop selection - by Rank and Always Leads. The leader at the head of the squad is often more likely to be targetted by AI, setting this to based on rank can sometimes allow you to be just another flight member and be less targeted.

3) Campaign Dialogue interface imagery now looks neater with the scrollable outcomes window

4) Fixed an issue with the AI Balloon kill reporting (it was reported on number of Airkills instead of Balloon kills)

5) Because the Player can in some instances no longer issue attack commands in QC (as he is not leader) the AI now carry out the QC Mission Objectives automatically.

6) A limit of a maximum of two aircraft will attack the same target (Ground or Air).

7) Revised LePrieur Rocket effects.

8) Improved AI Balloon Attack capabilities.

9) Improved Searchlight function.

10) Fixed an issue in QC where bombers would only bomb if player selected the default campaign Bombing Payload (Payloadnum = 1)) - Now selection of any payload with bombs instructs the AI to Bomb (Friendly or Enemy)

11) Gothas will now use more bombs on each bombing pass (was single drops)

12) Corrected the aircraft database: changed the BE2c HD version to correctly reflect that it has a fixed gun.

13) Fixed an issue whereby A-Flight when assisting would sometimes be directed to attack the Target irrespective of what the mission directive was or whether the Target was friendly or not (AI will never attack friendly targets so they simply ignored the mission directive).

14) Players flying Gothas will now only attack England on the correct historical dates.

15) Implemented Aircraft startup sounds for all AI aircraft at code level and with 21 associated unique engine startup sounds matching the aircraft engine types.

16) Headshake can now be controlled via workshops - severity and on/off.

17) Implemented latest shader version.

18) Incorporated some extra scenario missions for Britain and Germany

19) Aircraft can now navigate tighter and closer mission waypoints.

20) Increased Morale of QC AI pilots (Skill dependant)

21) Revised AI Fight Vs Flight tactical decision making.

22) Revised Squadron AI base morale settings.

23) AI - Fighters should now engage more frequently.

24) Change QC Fighters to Target Ground 'Structures' when directed to attack Ground Installations to ensure they attack targets of significance.

25) Revised some sounds volumes.

26) RAF BE2 and BE12 series aircraft cooper bomb loadouts reduced to 4 (was 8)

27) Observer allocated to player upon enlistment is no longer always the first Observer - an Observer is now randomly allocated.

28) Observers are now randomly allocated to AI flight members - the Player is allocated the same Observer unless he is killed or not in service.

29) Form up at action directives is no longer circular - the aircraft will form up in transit to next waypoint. Note: form up at non action directives or after action whilst in transit may still be circular!

30) Reduced kills and flying hours of incoming replacement pilots.
Refined this some more - incoming pilots are now pretty poor unless squad is Elite or Good and a fighter squad then they will sometimes have kills
Elite Bomber squads may sometimes have a pilot coming in with 1 kill

31) Time Advance summary now includes Rank and Name of pilots killed and or wounded in sorties.

32) Addressed an issue that sometmes caused incorrect destroyed aircraft accounting.

33) Incorporated the new Fokker DVI Aircraft and associated squadrons for full campaign play. Also Jasta 80B skin, and one Jasta 80b ace skin.

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