Spent another evening running 2x contact missions. The goal is the office garage, and I made enough to buy it, but when I went to do that I saw that I failed to consider Rockstar would gouge me for interior design. Only the most expensive will do for this particular structure. The polished marble sort of look. So that meant I was still half a million short doh! Back to work.

Made about 600k running contacts. The great thing is you can do them in invite, and can do them without being a CEO and avoid the daily fees, so it's straight up bank. Plus it's no grind since you can mix it up with so many choices for missions. The one I was running most is Lester's Denial of Service. You need to destroy a few trucks. The way I'm doing it is to go to a Pegasus spawn point, call my Buzzard, then just fly around lobbing rockets at the targets. So simple, there's little opposition (occasional wanted level from collateral damage, and NPCs on foot) and was paying 40k. Gotta get Oden to ride along for the extra 10% plus he can operate the secondary weapons for additional mayhem and destruction.

Another one I ran a few times was Defender, where you fly escort in a Buzzard for another NPC helicopter. Escort him from LSIA to Sandy Shores for 40k. Need to fight off a number of NPC helos, but it's pretty easy.

Chopper Tail has been the highest paying one I've run, at 45k. Even better, it was giving over 9000 RP. I went from rank 94 to 100 just running contact missions last night. And now I get the turbo option for my cars and bikes. Zoom zoom.

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