The contact mission bonus meant a nice change of pace. I didn't go public all night, just stayed in invite and ran a variety of contact missions. Good money, and the RP is hard to beat. Fast ranking with these at the moment. I played a few I hadn't tried yet. Mostly I wanted to see which contact missions were good to do with a Buzzard. One that is, and that I ran several times is called Hit 'em Up. It's an assassination mission with four targets, all of whom are outside so can be done with an aircraft. Takes 10-15 minutes and was paying 38k with the 2x bonus. The best paying mission I ran paid 45k and though I cannot recall precisely which one it was, I think it was Chopper Tail.

In leisurely play over a couple of hours I cleared 400k. At this rate my office garage will be installed this evening. I'm gravitating toward simply focusing on whichever activity is on bonus this week. I don't have all businesses, and probably never will, but for example I shut down my bunker last week. I may not run it again until 2x for gunrunning. Once you have a diversified empire, this is probably the way to go. I have been filling my air freight business in anticipation of the next smuggling bonus week.

GTAO players always talk about 'profit', but like my ex-wife, never seem to consider or mention how much things actually cost. I talked about this when describing the import/export mechanics earlier in the thread. Gunrunning is the same. Let's break it down.

You can steal the supplies, but I will ignore that and focus on buying them, which is what most players do.

The supplies cost 75k. As a solo player you want only enough to fill a single vehicle, to make the delivery mission manageable as a lone wolf. So you spend 75k. Assuming you have an upgraded bunker, these supplies will be ready to sell in 2.5 hours. When ready, the sell mission will gross 210k, for 135k profit. But my bunker costs 8,600 per 'day' in operating costs. So during that 2.5 hours while production is underway, it costs 26,900 to run the bunker. So profit is closer to 110k. And this fails to factor in any other costs such as ammo, armor and other incidentals incurred during operations, or the fact that you may lose some product during the mission, plus bunker costs incurred when no production is actually going on.

During a 2x bonus week, this profit though jumps to almost 320k. So it makes sense (to me) to diversify as much as possible, then concentrate on whichever one is the focus of the weekly event. Simple enough, but you need the assets and infrastructure to take advantage of it. A player like Bong, who has virtually everything, can cash in no matter which direction R* goes any particular week if he is so inclined. That's the path to becoming a crook with mountains of cash (or a fleet of supercars, as the case may be) smile

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