Double $ and RP on all Contact Missions this week. That's pretty good. Not only is it double money, it can be done in Invite. Offices, Cargo Warehouses, Nightclubs, Hangars, Bunkers are all on sale I think.

Oden should like the contact mission bonus smile

2X Associate pay as well.

If you haven't lost interest by now that is.

I have to conclude that the heists just are not going to happen with a SimHQ crew. Posts and PMs have gone unanswered. Getting this done takes a little commitment and some coordination, and that's not happening. I've been cast to the randoms pool. Plenty of other ways to make money, but this is content I don't want to miss. I cannot bring myself to invest the time to try heists with random fools. Just too many ways for it to go wrong. After five weeks of trying to work it out I admit defeat.

On the plus side I ranked enough to get the heavy sniper. That goes well with my sniping biggrin

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure