Yeah, this censorship happened not that long ago. I just use "dam." smile


Growing up, my dad was an ass, but at least he owns up to it now (and his father was an even much bigger ass, so it kinda makes sense, I guess). Nobody cared when my grandfather (his father) died. I mean, *nobody*. Why either wanted children, I have no idea. But my father had mellowed out by the time I was leaving home at 18 (technically I still had a room in parent's home until I was married at 20).

My father and I are more than cool today (my parents live in an adjoining apartment addition to our home). I continue to learn a lot from him regarding construction and gardening and stuff like that, lots of DIY projects that I would have never tried to tackle on my own. I know how to design, he knows how to build...great combination.

He doesn't kayak or ride his motorcycle as much anymore, but still stays active, loves to fish the pond. He controls his mild diabetes with low dosage Metformin, diet and exercise. Was once a heavy smoker and drinker but stopped in his 30's, I think.


1. Family in 1977, father had no waist and big guns (mom taking picture).
2. Kept physique into his 40's (weights, speedbag, jump rope etc.).
3. Wife did her part to soften him up (parents have always adored her, they get along great).
4. Now at 80, still stays in shape for his age.

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