Never heard my mum raise her voice to my dad, and only once did I hear my dad raise his voice to my mum and that was after she "parked" the car on top of a hedge, but it was more that he was relieved that she, my brother and myself were ok. They were married for 32 years when my father passed away.

Yelled at my brother a few times and he has done the same back … a few fisticuffs along the way too, it was only once we became adults that we actually got along … that was after a day we nearly killed each other, I had laid him out and was frightened I had done serious damage but as I approached him he got up and his face was purple going towards black with rage … I got a pasting and ended up seriously hurt, bed ridden for 2 weeks, the doctor told my brother that he had nearly killed me, he gave up boxing after that. We did spar occasionally after that but we always wore gloves after that day.

Chlanna nan con thigibh a so's gheibh sibh feoil
Sons of the hound come here and get flesh
Clan Cameron