Yeah, a bit of a mess, it was. Totally me. Like we were running a contact mission to steal a truck. Some NPCs were in cover and giving us a hard time. And I am all like hey, I haven't used this grenade launcher. Plomp! Boom, up goes the truck we were to steal.

And then later, I said hey Oden, run some of your business missions and I will fly cover in the Buzzard. It actually went well. Then, we did one of my car source missions with the same idea, I would fly cover, while Oden drove the mark back to the warehouse. I decided I would help thin out the opposition on the ground as we moved in on it and managed to blow up the car we were to steal.

But anyway, despite my blunders, I had a ton of fun flying top cover smile

I made some good progress over this past week. Took advantage of the sale to buy a hangar. And bought the Akula on sale as well. Then saved to buy the hangar workshop and weapons, armor and stuff for my new helicopter. The smuggling business that comes with the hangar has been cool. It's crap money, but fun. The airport can be a bit chaotic at times, but patience is a virtue.

The hangar is awesome, but this is the sort of thing you only buy because..

-- you already have everything else, or

-- You want personal aircraft.

You do not buy it to turn a profit. The real financial advantage to it is the fact that as you run source missions, you unlock the 'trade price' for various aircraft. So if you are in to the aircraft in GTAO, this can save millions upon millions. If you do not care about owning personal aircraft, spend your money elsewhere.

I also started getting in to the PvP a bit more and now have a respectable K/D. Early on I avoided this whenever I could, but still got wasted regularly, resulting in a pretty deep K/D hole. An 0-fer as they say in baseball. So it took a good run to get this respectable. I am becoming that rooftop sniper that we all hate smile

With the hangar and the Akula in the organization, the next goals on the list are an office garage like Bong's and a Turismo-R cause it is so sick looking. After that? Frankly, I have no idea.

Our heist action has gained no traction. I'll await developments.

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure