So I watched First Man on Saturday... or tried to. Only made it about an hour in before I started skipping to the highlights, Gemini IV and the Moon landing. I don’t quite know how it’s possible to take such interesting subject matter, both when it comes to Neil Armstrong and the space race, and turn it into such a dull and uninteresting movie. Armstrong was an accomplished test pilot and became a great astronaut. He was quiet and reserved, but he was still portrayed almost as if he was just letting events control him, rather than the other way around. As a pilot this bugs me, as that manner of conduct simply doesn’t cut it in aviation, and especially not in test piloting and spaceflight.

The «action» scenes were okay, but other movies and series have done them much better. I never got any sort of feeling of involvement in Armstrong’s life or the events portrayed, and nothing about the characters evoked any interest. It was just a bland movie, for lack of a better way to describe it. If I was introducing someone I know to the space race and Moon landings, this movie would I am sure bore that person half to death. Oh well, FTETTM, The Right Stuff and Apollo 13 it is going forward as well, I guess.

In all my years I've never seen the like. It has to be more than a hundred sea miles and he brings us up on his tail. That's seamanship, Mr. Pullings. My God, that's seamanship!