Disclaimer: Yes, I know the BMS version is awesome and I should “upgrade” to playing that instead of Allied Force. However, I do not have “years of married-life” available to commit myself to learning this sim all over again. All I want to do right now is just fire it up and play for an hour or two on weekends…go ahead and flame me…I can take it…I’m married remember! 😉

That said, I have had great success so far in installing F4AF and getting it to run on my laptop:

Nvidia 970M (driver version 418.91)
Samsung 960Pro NVM SSD
AOC 24” 144Hz-GSync Monitor
CH Products Fightersitck, Throttle & Pedals
Windows 10 Home

If anyone is interested, here are the steps I took to get it to work (the old posts in this forum were the key to working out the graphics->hat tip to “Comet”):

1. Copied original Falcon4AF disk’s contents and saved to laptop's hard drive
2. Install Falcon4AF
3. Update to last official Lead Pursuit patch 1.0.13
4. Install Aeyes F4AF widescreen cockpits (www.cockpits.nl)
4a. F16AM v1.1
4b. F16CG v1.1
4c. F16CJ v1.4
4d. Run updater again and patch to F16CJ v1.5
5. Install Aeyes 1680 wide splash screen (www.cockpits.nl)
6. Install HiTitles (www.hitiles.com)
7. Add/Create BFops.cfg file with “set g_bForceSoftwareGUI 1“
7a. Save a copy of VERSION.CFG file
7b. Rename file to BFops.cfg
7c. Save file in FalconAF.exe root drive (prevents display issues with Mission Ordnance and Tactical Reference screens)
From <http://SimHQ.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3830127/allied-force-debriefing-screen-problem>
8. (Optional) Replace game menu music -> see "Comet" posted comments below
8.a Copy Music files with original Falcon 4.0 install folder
8.b Edit SOUNDRC.IRC file (notepad works fine to do this)
9. (Optional) Replace Korea Campaign videos -> see "MarkG" posted comments below
9.a Copy Movie files from original Falcon 4.0 install folder
9.b Rename OF.AVI, OR.AVI and OT.AVI to IF.AVI, RF.AVI and TS.AVI respectively
10. Edit the game shortcut and check the box to "Disable fullscreen optimizations" -> this will allow you to print the debriefing screen to your local printer (Windows 10 Home)
11. (GeForce video cards) In the Nvidia Control Panel
11a. Set the Anisotropic Filtering to “16x”
11b. Set the Antialiasing-FXAA to “Off” (enabling this will blur the main menu screens)
11c. Set the Antialiasing-Mode to “Override application settings”
11d. Set the Antialiasing-Setting to “8x”

With all that done, I’m getting a smooth 200 FPS with zero jagged edges…so far, no CTD or BSD issues with playing Instant Action and I was able to do my first full on “ramp start and takeoff” this past weekend. That of itself was a major accomplishment for me.

On a side note, I did try the Skunkworks 1.2 mod but couldn’t really tell if it was worth it or not. I can’t find the 2.0 version anywhere online. In addition, I haven’t been able to find any of the additional F4AF theaters that were known to work. I did find some older versions of the Israeli, Desert Storm and Panama theaters from the www.pmctactical.org website, but thought it best not to try them for now as I don’t have the time to do all out reinstall.

1. Any thoughts from the “old folks” on using the old 1.2 Skunkworks mod or if anyone has the 2.0 version laying around somewhere…?
2. Any other old Allied Force files/mods that are worth having or passing along? The old file links are now all dead.

Maybe this helps those weekend warriors like me who just want a few “simplified” flight hours in their logbooks! Check Six!!!

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