no worries DBond, I wasn't there for the dollars.

But, I had a less good run today.
Guess I've done something bad and God hates me in general.

Couldn't find a garage at my funds so I thought whattaheck lets go warehouse and start collecting papers until I can afford a garage.
Said and done my secretary (dead sure she's your secretary's sister) instructs me to buy goods and I go easy on a 1 crate 2000 gta-dollars.
"Go get it" she says and I spin off in my stolen vehicle.
Halfway there I get a notification someone got my stuff and I need to take out that helicopter.
Seriously? A helicopter, with my handguns and a rusty land vehicle?
Can't see the challange so I just ignore it.

After some youtubes on warehouse I still don't get it and assumes it was just a one-off bad start.

Second try, 1 crate only, it seems the law enforcement was quicker then I.
So, this time the challenge becomes robbing a police van holding my cargo?

Ok, lets give this a try.

67 532 bullets later and a number of deaths I find myself in a police van trying to evade the whole world heading south from the northern tip of Santos island.
In the general mayhem that ensumes I imagine myself that a random player ona a flying motorbike tries to fend off police cars chasing me, or he tries to steal my stuff killing me, not sure.

Finally I make it back to my warehouse and after secretarian instructions I sell the goods and must go to a plane for delivery fo the deal.

Once there I understand that I also need to pilot this bird and trust me, as a long time Falcon4 pilot, this is not normal flying.
I manage to take off and heads towards some yellow marker.

BoomPowZagaboff and gtaOden is no more.

Someone shot me down and grabbed the goods.

Feels a bit over the top of an effort for a few grand?

I can collect 10 grand sleeping in a pink Zion every now and then.

Feels like I have a wall of "rank 400" players stopping any attempt to move forward.