I want to apologize to Oden, and thank him as well smile

We hooked up last night and started with our customary round of golf to kick things off. After that we ran one of my bunker deliveries, and then an export mission. Unfortunately he got jack sh!t in payouts, while I cleared 300k. Not fair. Isn't there a way to share job payouts? How is that done?

I think if we sell one of my car collections then each player gets a good cut. I have two 3-car collections ready to roll if two of you want to help. Each player would get 135k minus damage I believe if we sell the top-end one (Uninsurable Collection).

With the addition of HHF we finally have four players. I'd like to know if everyone is on board for running heists? Please check in and let me know. Tomorrow is probably too early to run Prison Break, but perhaps we could get Fleeca out of the way? As mentioned, HHF and Bong need to do this as a pair to keep us eligible for the big rewards. It needs to be run on the hard setting, and if it can be done with no deaths even better. I am not expecting we will get the Criminal Mastermind reward, but we will if we can do all the heists in order, on hard with the same four guys and have no deaths we would each get another 10 million. And that would be a game changer. This though, is probably too much to expect. Something always can go wrong smile

Let's get it rollin'

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