Thank You PR, good to know! I've turned V-SYNC back on and I'm back to the 1/2 refresh rate setting in Nvidia Inspector and I'm really happy with things. Everything is set to high detail in the WOFF Workshop. I'm running the BT mod via JJJ's Mission Editor at the Quality setting (for 50-100 planes). I've worked really hard on my TrackIR settings (makes a big difference I think). I'm seeing virtually no stutters except for close to the ground, and cloud popping is vastly improved unless I use BB's cloud mod, which is beautiful but it does cause more popping and jaggies unfortunately, at least on my setup. I may not have reached the Holy Grail but it feels pretty darn close smile. And I agree, it's an amazing SIM. I'm super excited that it sounds like there's another expansion coming for it, too!

System: i5 8600K @ 3.6GHz,16GB DDR4 @2666MHz. RTX2080, MSI Z370 mobo, Dell 27" G-SYNC @ 144Hz. 2560x1440