Just to let you know, G-sync was designed by Nvidia to have V-sync on at the same time (FWIW) as mentioned by a number of articles since G-sync was released.

It does not surprise me that certain "stutters" are still there because CFS3.exe is a 2002 executable and OBD (as well as our additional mods) have added so much to the game over the years, that it just means the old CFS3.exe just has more and more to load as you fly along in the game.

If you have ever noticed, the biggest "stutters" occur whenever the game (CFS3.exe) has to load new terrain, or planes to the game and you can visually see this when is stutters because the load is so much larger that when the game (CFS3.exe) was originally designed.

Fortunately AnKor have really helped the game (WOFF and WOTR) by moving more and more of the game visual load from the CPU (which CFS3.exe uses) to the GPU, but the loads are still there with this old executable.

In spite of all of this, it is still the best WW1 Flight Campaign game out there and hopefully OBD keeps making it better and better in the future.

CPU = i9 9900K, GPU = RTX 2080 Ti, Monitor = 32" 4K G-sync