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... in some countries these also could start to replace hydroelectric dams over time.


with temperatures rising worldwide, glaciers are melting faster and faster and they feed the rivers on which those hydroelectric dams rely.

the effects of global warming in Latin America are now being factored in specially in Brazil which relied until recently mostly in power generated by hydroelectric dams, wind and solar power share is rising faster than ever before in Brazil.

More water feeding the rivers feeding the hydro plants would make the plants able to generate more power, if anything. If the additional water is more than they need or can use, that can be bypassed. I'm not seeing a reason there, to shut down hydro plants.

More wind and solar is fine, if they make sense for the given circumstances. Diversifying sources of power for the grid is a good thing to do. Hydroelectric power is the original form of "green" electrical generation. Hydro was green long before being green was cool.