Haha Oden, that won't play in the US, but I know the skits. If HHF is like that, imagine the directions he will give lol.

Count me in

Outstanding, and welcome aboard! I will add you (Done, check invites). Are you interested in running the heists? Like Oden said, we usually get together on Fridays (6pm eastern, maybe a little early for the left coast) and we've been getting together Sunday afternoons with Bong as well.

If you want to do the heists, I humbly request that HHF and Bong run the Fleeca job on hard. This would keep the four of us eligible for the bonuses on offer. The Criminal Mastermind one (10 million!) is probably out of reach since it requires no deaths. But the million dollar rewards for doing the heists in order, and with the same crew would be very reachable. Oden and I ran the Fleeca heist, which took about an hour? We made it through in the first run. It's pretty easy. And you get an extra 100k if it's the first time you've done it. Once all four of us have run Fleeca, then we can do Prison Break.

Thanks much HHF for stepping forward. Made my day smile

I bought a hangar last night, the cheapest one at LSIA. My new goal is the Akula attack choppa. It's mostly like a Commanche, with stealth and sh!t. Hangars are on sale and so is the Akula. This is a multi-step program, but I should have the helo in a few days. From there I will still need the workshop and upgrades before it's ready for PvP. But I want to take advantage of the discount which will save 1.2 million. Saved 500k on the hangar price. That even comes with a plane. So I have a plane. And a new smuggling business. Bond & Son is really branching out lol.

Not sure if it's still up, but yesterday's daily challenge was easy. 3 things...

-- Participate in a non contact race. Set one up, choose non contact. Race. Done

-- Fall 350 feet (or there abouts) without dying. Flew helo to top of tallest building. Jumped off (with 'chute, very important) and landed in construction site lot. Done

-- Complete Flight School Mission. Did second one (engine failure) for first time. Couldn't believe it, but I stopped 2.18 meters from target. Never again I am sure. Haha

Easy money. Took 15 minutes to do them all.

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure