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I agree with everything you said KS. I couldn't resist, and just squeezed in a quick flight. Certainly not 100% cured but massively improved on all fronts - 75% fixed? Guess I don't win the prize, but it's still way better than before smile

I'll post full settings tomorrow once I've tweaked a bit more and, as you say, tried something at least approaching repeatable. However, it really does seem to have made a huge impact, that I can trace to one particular setting change: V-SYNC ON with 1/2 Rate selected. I don't think I've ever seen anyone suggest 1/2 rate before. With a 144hz refresh rate it seems to work really well in concert with the high end BT fix, giving a steady 72FPS and no tearing. G-SYNC has to be on as well.

Give it a try!


I am still sure your input is appreciated and valuable, and I'm grateful for your honest efforts to put it in context. There are actually quite a few settings that I believe can improve stutters, although saying that also does sort of suggest those settings weren't correct to begin with.

One regretful part (if I'm looking at it right) is that your experience *might* mean GSYNC is required...although it is becoming more common, I believe those with the necessary hardware are still in the vast minority.

Like Lou (and others) I have long since begun to doubt there is an actual solution.