I agree with everything you said KS. I couldn't resist, and just squeezed in a quick flight. Certainly not 100% cured but massively improved on all fronts - 75% fixed? Guess I don't win the prize, but it's still way better than before smile

I'll post full settings tomorrow once I've tweaked a bit more and, as you say, tried something at least approaching repeatable. However, it really does seem to have made a huge impact, that I can trace to one particular setting change: V-SYNC ON with 1/2 Rate selected. I don't think I've ever seen anyone suggest 1/2 rate before. With a 144hz refresh rate it seems to work really well in concert with the high end BT fix, giving a steady 72FPS and no tearing. G-SYNC has to be on as well.

Give it a try!