Last year we saw some amazing improvements in WOFF performance thanks to members of this community, most notably from the Blue Triangle fix, but also from the many other fine mods that help to increase the sense of "being there". However, there are two remaining immersion breakers, namely popping/ shimmering clouds and occasional micro stutters. For me, fixing these would be the Holy Grail of WOFF. People have stated that the cloud issues simply cannot be fixed and we've all learned to enjoy WOFF in spite of this and the stutters.

My graphics card died over the holidays and I finally got a replacement. It's an Nvidia 1070 with 8GB RAM. My son has been preaching the virtues of G-SYNC so I went crazy and picked up a Dell 27" monitor to go with. I was hoping against hope that maybe the cloud and stutter issues might improve. Well, at 2048x1440 everything looks gorgeous and I was able to crank up the detail to max, but I still had those immersion dampers. Worse still, the BT mod forced me to turn on V-SYNC, since my Track-IR is unusable with it off!

Next I did a complete reinstall of WOFF UE. No better. Finally, in desperation, I fired up Nvidia Inspector and started a long process of experimentation. I figured the issues had to be something to do with syncing. After several hours and many reboots I think I may have hit upon something remarkable. Late last night, after yet another reboot, I suddenly found myself looking around from my cockpit and experiencing extreme fluidity. Hardly able to believe it, I took off and climbed with silky ease, looking around as I did so. No stutters.... and no cloud popping! In fact, the experience of flying past small clouds and staring back at them as they stay in place is quite simply, amazing.

Now It was getting very late and in fact I may have dreamed all this smile. But if it turns out that I have found the Holy Grail of WOFF, I will make a video and post my settings. If not, then I will feel quite foolish! Unfortunately I won't be able to get to this until tomorrow, so you'll have to stay on the edges of your seats for now smile

Stay tuned....!