The thread has run out of gas it seems, so maybe I should let it die. But not just yet...

My effort to get a group together to run the heists has failed miserably. Shame that, I really want to do these, but have little desire to run them with randoms. Oden and Bong are on board, leaving a single solitary slot looking for a player to fill it. I should have known that getting four people together, out of the thousands that hang out here, was a fool's errand biggrin

Actually I thought it would be easy. I thought people would be all over this. I realize the game is old, and not everyone's cuppa, but come on, it's one of the most successful games ever. Well, actually, it's THE most successful game ever, but let's not split hairs. And it's fun.

Maybe someone will come on board. Please post or PM if interested.

Beyond the heist disappointment, I've spent the past two days getting the gunrunning business set up. With the double rewards this week it's a good money maker. I was able to buy the bunker (Chumash) and upgrade the staff and equipment. Total investment was 2.5 million (saved 700k with this week's bunker discount). I haven't made all of that back yet, but with the payout bonus it's done well. My single best payout so far in GTAO came last night running guns. The mission itself was fairly challenging. For some reason, GTAO players call the bunker "passive income" which is not even close to being accurate, but whatever.

Here's how it works. First step is to buy a bunker. There are eleven bunkers to choose from, with different costs. I chose Chumash partly for the location (closest to the city and my office) and partly due to price (4th cheapest). There are three upgrades. Equipment (1.1 mil), staff (500k) and defenses (not sure, haven't purchased). Aside from defense, these upgrades serve to both reduce production time and increase value of the weapons being made.

To run the business, the player needs to obtain stock, the commodity used to manufacture the guns. Stock can be obtained by stealing it, or buying it. Stealing means you get it at no cost (minus time, ammo, armor etc). Buying it costs 75k (there's more to it, but for my purposes, since I am running it solo, let's call it 75k). Common wisdom is to buy it since the time you would otherwise spend stealing it, can be put to more profitable use in other ventures such as Import Export. Or steal it, whichever makes you happy smile

Once the stock is secured, the staff in your bunker turns it in to weapons over time. That 75k becomes 210k worth of guns in 2.5 hours (when you have both upgrades. It takes longer and is worth less if you do not). So I suppose the production is passive, but there's no money in production. Once the product is ready, you need to sell it. You can sell it in Blaine County for less money, or Los Santos for more. I always choose the city.

From the laptop in your bunker you chose to sell. Upon exiting the bunker, your mission is assigned through whatshisface on the phone. These missions vary in challenge level. But basically you are assigned a vehicle like a monster truck, Insurgent or buggy to deliver the goods. Get them there in time and cash in. Some are opposed, some are not. Other players can choose to disrupt you or destroy your shipment. Not so passive now is it? Like Inigo Montoya said "I don't think that word means what you think it means"

With the double money this week, that 210k becomes 420k! Cha-ching! To get that, I had to run a mission in an Insurgent, and at each of five drop off locations you get swarmed by Merryweather. Helos, Insurgents and footsoldiers. Lots of em. But they aren't aimbot like the enemies in I/E missions, and I got through it with only one death. Next time I will remember to restock my body armor lol. So 420k minus the 75k investment is 345k profit. Not bad for 20 minutes of work. Of course, after Thursday the 2X will be gone and this will pay 135k profit. Still good money.

So what's the downside? Initial cost is steep. But Rockstar's made that true of any business venture. Fully upgraded bunker daily fees are high, so you either want to keep it rocking or shut it down. And it requires a public server. That's not much of a deterrent once you've learned the ropes.

Overall, it's a great business to supplement your other holdings. If you're going on for a three hour session for example, you would start by obtaining your stock and let your minions go to work. While they are at it, you play the rest of the game. At the end of the session, run the delivery mission and cash in.

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