Good stuff yesterday boys, thanks for the fun.

I made some serious bank. Throughout the day, as I was off and on through most of it, I pulled in a million dollars. I started off by buying the Chumash bunker, which blew the million I already had, leaving me mostly broke once again. Then hooked up with Oden for some missions and a round of golf. Then Bong joined up and we all did some more missions and racing.

After you guys left I tried out my new gunrunning business, which was a complete fiasco. First delivery mission was in the monster truck and I only delivered 3/5, got shot to hell by Buzzards and at the end my truck exploded. A second delivery was an unopposed drive in to town. So I need to work all of this out. I wonder if there is a way to cherry-pick the delivery missions?

But mostly I ran Import/Export. Most deliveries were done in public. A few guys came after me I think, but none were able to get to me before the destination, so it all worked out. I've made a few million off of I/E already, so this is going well, and I have fun doing it. The tension I feel leaving the warehouse with that pimped-out supercar representing my hard work and financial investment, and driving it out in to a world full of armed idiots, psychos and malcontents is worth the price of admission smile

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure