Good stuff yesterday Bong. Enjoyed the racing and the Survival. That's the most waves I have survived so far (ten). Seeing you standing there ripping with the mini-gun is awesome. Your outfit and defiance remind me of those two armed robbers in LA years ago, with their body armor and automatic weapons in the streets. And just playing follow the leader through the city streets in our T20s was fun too.

Oden has broken in to the corporate crime world and bought an office. Congrats, which one did you buy? Maze Bank West? And also a new address for your apartment eh? Nice view? Which apartment number did you buy? Eclipse Towers is very trendy smile

For the CEO stuff, some missions require public, as you mentioned in the PM. Some do not. The best ones that do not require it are Sightseer and Headhunter in my opinion. Both are much easier with a combat helicopter, but can also be done with vehicles, just take longer is all. Sightseer is the best one to do with vehicles since no wanted level like headhunter. Each of these pays 25k max. In sightseer you need to hit the 10 minute mark to reach max payout. This is the mission we did together in my helo with the briefcases.

For the ones that require public, you can choose to do them there (and there are some advantages), or you can clear the lobby and end up with a 'solo public' lobby. There are several ways to do it, but this is what I do.

Enter GTAO Public lobby
Alt-tab out
Open Task Manager
Click Performance tab
Click Open Resource Monitor
Right click GTA 5 and choose suspend process.
Suspend process for 8-10 seconds.
Resume Process
Return to GTAO

This takes longer to type than to do. When you return to GTA you should see all the players left messages. But you are still in a 'public' server and can now do all of those other missions free from douchebaggery.

CEO missions have a 20 minute cooldown. But 25k for 10 minutes of easy sightseer work adds up quick. Be aware that once you've cleared a lobby, that choosing any contact mission may result in a return to a populated public server when complete (and then you just clear it again). It's also possible that eventually others will be placed in your cleared one. You usually get quite a bit of solo time before this happens. But keep an eye on the players list all the same. Reaching CEO status and having an office is entering on the bottom rung of the corporate crime world, but it's a big step overall. Until you get a warehouse though the money isn't fantastic. better than before, but not as good as it will be. I'd suggest saving up for either a Buzzard or a warehouse at this point, but all that is up to you of course.

Because sightseer doesn't require public, a good method is to start an Invite Only, run sightseer, then one or two of your favorite contact missions during the cooldown, then repeat. This should earn in the neighborhood of 65k+ per hour. Sightseer is great because it costs nothing. No armor, ammo or anything else. Without a helicopter though it requires good driving skills. As a CEO you can now rent a Buzzard for 25k. So just one sightseer will make that back and then you can continue to use it. Once owned, calling the Buzzard is free. As CEO you have other vehicles on call as well.

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