What screenshot (s) were you looking to post? Did you try what I suggested?

If anyone logs in let me know if you got your money from last weekend.

I'll be on tonight and probably tomorrow day as well if anyone's around. But I will be looking to focus on business, especially bunker sales to take advantage of the double rewards and of course I/E work while the next supply is building. Up for some racing, combat, missions and golf too. I can't wait to race my new ride. I'm always down for partnering up of course, but even just another player as CEO in the session going about his own business is a big help.

Earlier I was talking about the supercar hotlap testing I did. For what it's worth, I took the modified Elegy out for the same test and it turned the same laptimes as the (unmodified) XA-21. Laptimes are subject to error and driving style and so on, so not definitive. But it showed me how good the Elegy is on a street circuit. And all for free (minus the mods of course)

The Akuma crushed them all for laptimes though. That's a 9k bike! (plus the upgrades). On a technical circuit it's hard to beat. Once I get around to modifying the Bati 801 I will run that through the test procedure as well.

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