That sounds good. Maybe I should invest in an off-road vehicle. On the list are the BF400 dirt bike and the Canis Kamacho, Haven't bought either since I have no real practical use for them to this point, and there is always something more pressing in the list. I'm going to need a second garage soon too!

I used the Bifta buggy in single player a little and really liked driving it so maybe one of those eventually too. Probably too open for dangerous missions, but fun to mess around in.

Ran more I/E and other missions and races last night as I attempt to gain enough bank for a bunker. It seems last weekend's log-in money is already hitting player's accounts. That will put me over the top and I can try to take advantage of the double income from bunker sales. I have yet to do any 2X event, so that will be good.

Finally got the warehouse full with all 32 cars and can now choose which cars I will be sourcing. Osiris and T20 mostly since they are awesome to drive .Plus, since I own a T20, each time I sell a T20 I can paint it for 'free' and try out various customization options. Like a test bed for my personal whip.

Word of warning for those who run I/E solo. This got me last night. If you create a solo public server and some one finds their way in to the server and becomes a CEO, and then leaves, the car you are sourcing catches fires. For real though. It maxxed out damage (at least I didn't lose it completely) and that runs 34k. That severely bites in to the profits. The business is fun though and I'm getting close to having made back the warehouse purchase price already. Some of the sourcing missions suck, but most are quick and fun.

If anyone wants to help me deliver a collection let me know. I don't think the people that help me get the extra money though so it only benefits me. But of course I will return the favor for your business.

For the bunker I am planning on buying Chumash. It's the closest to Lombank, and I think it will be best for sales in Los Santos as it sits right off the PCH. It's popular though and maybe I will regret it for this reason, although I play a lot in a solo server so maybe no big deal.

Weapons at Ammunation are 30% off in case anyone wasn't aware. Got a grenade launcher smile

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure