If it was the Adder (looks like Veyron), then it's twice as expensive as the Turismo and has worse stats. Not sure how accurate those in-game stats are though.Maybe you meant a different car?

Common wisdom doled out by GTAO vets is simple

"Don't waste money on supercars"

Hold my beer.

So after deciding yesterday that I would get a Turismo R, I logged on with the intention of giving it another go to be sure it was a good car for me. I did some hotlapping in the Cutting Coroners race to get a feel for it. It's a pretty good car, especially for the money, and it looks and sounds fantastic. But the result of my test showed it feels unbalanced a little bit, like a car with too much weight on the front wheels. It had noticable entry understeer, yet still wanted to step out on exit. After a number of laps I could turn a time of 2:04 over two laps. Good cockpit view.

After that I thought I would do the same sort of testing for all of the supercars I would consider. Vagner, XA-21 and T20 were the main contenders for my next car purchase, although a steep step up in price. The XA-21 is a great car, but it has two problems. It doesn't sound mean enough. No rage in that machine, but it's quite fast and I was able to turn times of 2 minutes flat with it. The steering wheel also blocks the instruments in first person view.The Vagner proved even faster, but it has the worst view. I could turn times of 1:59 in the Vagner. This car also has a blocked instrument cluster.

The T20 though, fit like a glove. Not only was it fast, matching my Vagner times, but it handled so much better for me. Just the right amount of entry and exit oversteer. Every player will be looking for a different feel, and the T20 hits that spot for me. It has a better view than the Vagner, although there is still a touch of front fender limiting the view, but not as bad, It doesn't sound quite as vicious as I would like, but still sounds great. After my testing I knew I had 'my car' and went to Legendary Motorsport to see how much it costs. ON SALE.

On sale? Seriously? I had just spent nearly 400k on the Karuma and had 850k in the bank. Sale price for the T-20 was 1.3 mil, marked down from the 2.2 mil it usually costs. That was really attractive. So I immediately set about raising the funds. The thing was that this sale should end on Thursday, when the new set of events is out. And I was thinking that Rockstar is based in the UK, and their Thursday starts early, and I didn't know if I would have the time to raise the capital before the sale ended. Over the next two hours I ran export/headhunter/export/sightseer. There is a 20 minute cooldown after an export sale, so the headhunter/sightseer missions fill that time and keep the money rolling. In those two hours I made 600k. And that was enough to buy a T20 and modify it. The sale hadn't ended yet and the T20 was soon delivered to my garage. So I came for the Turismo and left with the T20.

After modifying it to the extent that my now-depleted bank account would allow, I was able to turn times of 1:55-flat in this car, which is 4.5 seconds per lap faster than I was doing in the unmodified Turismo. I will still add a Turismo to the stable down the line, but it all worked out to give me one of the very best cars in the game, and one that fit my driving style to a T.

It came from the factory in yellow. I immediately began running easy missions to gain some bank. Clearly heavily influenced by the McLaren P1. Sweet car. Skipped right on past supercars in to the hypercar strata. Exceptional acceleration, good top end, good view, sounds great, awesome handling, AWD. Twin-turbo V8 hybrid. Also has a dynamic spoiler that raises at speed and under braking.

[Linked Image]

Took it to LSC and painted it and did some performance modifications. GTAO is the only game I can think of where I would consider aesthetic upgrades before performance lol

[Linked Image]

And she looks good in my modest, but growing, stable.

[Linked Image]

This paint job was limited by my reduced spending power haha, and I used the cheapest colors. I'll revisit this at some point. Splashed the cash on those sick rims though smile

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