The Adder? Thanks for the recommendation, but Bugattis are err, unappealing to me. Oden seems to like it though. He kept picking it for our races.

Turismo R. Supercar looks and performance with a sports car price. 500k ain't much, a couple of nights play at most. Hell I'll get half of that just for logging on last weekend. No, the Turismo R it is!

When we first met up with Bong he showed us his empire, and despite all of the cool stuff, the thing I was most impressed with was his office garage. I had no idea it would be two floors, with windows and such. Filled with amazing whips it was even more impressive. This became my goal at that moment lol. I am on my way now (aside from the garage part)

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure