Hopped back on for a session last night, moved a few more supercars for commission. Mostly though just more sourcing. Got the Nasty Business source job again (the one I talked about as my first source gig) and this time it went flawlessly, didn't take any damage which means didn't cost me any money. Actually, virtually all of the source missions I ran last night went well. Sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug eh? In the long run these smooth jobs will pay off with higher profits.

The only job to go tits up was the cargobob one where I picked up the wrong car! And then ran out of time to get the right one. Derp

A couple more thoughts.... I'm done with stunt racing, and if we are on and that's the choice I will politely back out. Stats are fun for me, and one I was tracking was my highest speed in a land vehicle. It was a way to keep track of the effects of the upgrades I was making. My record had been 131.39 MPH in the Elegy. Then I did a stunt race/ custom race and now it's 200 MPH which is a speed I'll likely never match in normal play. I'm certain I won't, so this is no longer something I can track. Stunt races also gave me a ridiculous jump distance of 2200 meters so that can no longer be tracked either. Give me street racing. That's my thing and I'm sticking to it smile

Or helicopter racing. Like that too.

I mentioned I want a supercar. Now normally I'd say this is not what you want to be spending your hard-earned paper on. In some ways it's a waste of money. There are plenty of excellent sports cars that cost far less and are nearly as fast and many look and sound fantastic. But still.... I am styling myself as a street racer lol and I would like to have a supercar to use, one that I can modify and run a custom car. But the choice is far from clear. I want it to look awesome, be really fast and have superior handling. Handling in GTAO is a mixed bag no doubt, with the handling flag nonsense. Difficult decision. Suggestions? T20, Vagner, XA-21 and Zentorno are the leading contenders. The Vagner has been tested to be the fastest car around a circuit (not straight line). Maybe buy a Turismo-R (500k versus 2 mil for others) and start modestly? It looks great (Bong's green one is sexy) and has a good first person view and I am a sucker for Ferrari influences (like LaFerrari) with a dash of McLaren P1 thrown in for good measure.. T-20 and Xa-21 have a good view too.

Have you heard a Turismo when you start it up? Oh goodness gracious....

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So I was browsing the interweb after a mission and saw that the Armored Karuma is on sale. This was on my list, and the price was right so I bought one. Initially, these cost 700k, but after doing the Fleeca job and with the discount I got it for around 370k. One more tool in the toolbox. It's my only four-seater, and will make a good heist car and mission-runner.

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