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just to go reddit, there is a post with direction for servers that allow a leisure play with no agressions.
there are some discord groups too

Thanks, I had worked it out. I like to use that for source business. But for selling I tend to go public and test the temperature of the server. If it's cool I deliver there, since no NPCs. If it's mayhem, I use the suspend process trick and deal with the NPCs, which are at least predictable and finite, unlike the nutjobs online. Or if one of my friends is in as a CEO that works great too (assuming they don't come after me lol) That's what Bong and I did today and I got several full commission deliveries done with zero hassle.

What I was asking Bong was once I clear the lobby can a friend join, not how to go about clearing the lobby which I do know how to do. Anyway, this is what we did yesterday, so question answered.

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