I saw you come on Oden, but I was getting ready to log off. Bong and I hooked up for some action earlier. Did some I/E for my company, thanks for the help Bong. Did a little racing, and ran a weed delivery for his business. The rest was running from the cops with lots of stars lol.

This I/E business is proving to be good fun. I'm enjoying it, and it's quite profitable. But that crap I was spouting about 240/k per hour is hogwwash. Players say this, and it's true if you only count sales. But it ignores the whole import side of the business. And it assumes no delivery damage, which actually isn't difficult to do, but sooner or later is inevitable. I would reckon that the business has cost me about 30% of the gross in overhead. Repairs, ammo, armor, modifications and calls to Lester to remove the heat add up. I probably average 3k in repairs after nicking the car, plus the 20k in upgrades to sell to the Specialist Dealer.

So it's a money maker, but claims of 240k per hour are misleading. The best thing is that it's fun for me. The office computer says I've made 750k in I/E sales, but if I factor in the overhead it's probably closer to 525k. I've spent much more time acquiring cars than selling to this point, as that's what you want to do to start farming certain makes. Once I have the roster full the money will pick up significantly.

Bank account is looking good once more and I'm considering what to do for a next major purchase. Pretty much narrowed down to a hangar, bunker, or sick supercar.

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