A few funny things happened while Oden and I were on yesterday.

Before we launched the heist, I asked Oden if he had bought a mask yet. He had not, so we headed down to Vespucci Beach to the mask store. While Oden was browsing the selection, I decided to check the map while I was sitting on my motorcycle in front of the shop. Out of nowhere a NPC starts punching me in the face. I have no idea how this happened as I was looking at the map. So I hop off the bike and lay him out flat on the boardwalk. How you like me now!

Seconds later I look around and Oden's gone. I say hey where'd you go and he says he's running from the cops. How did that happen lol?

At the end of the session we are standing on a street corner shooting the sh!t and farewells and Oden hauls off and slugs me right in the face! With friends like that and yada yada.

Anyway, good fun and lots of laughs. We are still looking for one more player. PM me or post. I'll even sweeten the deal for anyone who signs up and figure out a way to give you money or something. A new player can rank up fast and get their bank roll going just by hanging around us. As long as you're in, you'd be ranking and rolling just by hanging back in cover or whatever. Advice, sightseeing tours, helicopter rides, top-stripper lists and more are yours for the asking smile

With the 250k per weekend bonus they are running right now, a new player can get set up in a hurry.

After Oden split I got back to business sourcing cars for the I/E bizness. Brought in more cars for about 18 in all now. I manage to turn most of these missions in to mayhem. Some failures which kinda sucks as the time is gone with nothing to show for it, but it keeps me on my toes.

There is one source mission where you have to beat a time trial, and if you do you get the car owned by the guy who set the time. When you cross the line he is standing by his car, and is none too happy about some punk breaking his unassailable time. The first time I got this mission I walked up to the dude not expecting anything and he pulls out a baseball bat and whacks me with it. So I pulled out my Glock and popped him. Picked up that bat too.

Later I got this mission again, and when he came after me with his bat, I pulled the bat I stole from him and knocked him out cold. How you like me now!

Animals flee this hell, the hardest stones cannot bear it for long. Only men endure