GTAO public is a strange place. In the past few days, twice I've been on and found my way in to servers where no one was hacking, no one was griefing. More than 45 minutes of play in a populated server with no one getting killed! Other times it's just murder and mayhem. But those servers where folks just appear to be playing the game, going about their business are pretty cool. They are also great for the Import/Export work (hereafter known as I/E).

So last night I logged on and began my new business in earnest. Earlier in this thread, having played through the single player part of the game (Story Mode) I said

Ya know what this game is missing? Grand theft of autos. I mean seriously, why is there no mechanic for me to steal and sell hot cars? Actually, the whole stealing cars thing was a bit of a letdown. Too easy, too little consequence. I could extend my playtime drastically with a more fleshed out system with more danger, and more reward for nicking supercars.

And that's exactly what the I/E business is all about. When I first ventured in to the seamy world of GTA Online, I thought about how I wanted to make a living stealing and selling cars. So this route is a natural fit. It's quite expensive to get in to the I/E game, but once you've purchased the CEO office and a vehicle warehosue, you can get up and running. Minimum cost without discounts would be 2.5 million. 1 mil for the office and 1.5 mil for the warehouse. If you don't have any other businesses already, then it can take some time to get that sort of bank roll. But that's the way it should be really, I don't want to be able to jump right in and have all the best stuff.

I managed to source my first 8 cars for the new business. The missions to source the cars are fun for the most part, and my noobness was on display. After trying each sourcing mission once, my efficiency should improve. But I did cause a bit of damage to the cars I was stealing haha. In most cases after stealing the car you'll be chased (or at least I was), often including helicopters. Any damage the cars incur comes out of your pocket, eating in to the profits. On average, I caused or sustained $1000 damage per car. So I will need to improve my skills.

I could be selling these cars now, and making some money. Instead, I am implementing the 32-car method with an eye toward higher profits long term. There are 10 unique low-end cars, 10 unique mid-range and 12 unique top-end that can be sourced for the I/E business. The goal is to be selling only top-end to garner the most profit. In order to do this, I need to fill the warehouse with each of the low and mid-range cars and not sell them. The game will always attempt to give you a car you don't already have for the next source mission. Since we would have the warehouse full of all low and mid cars, then we are guaranteed to get top-end. And beyond that, if we get all 12 top-end, we can then choose which cars we will be sourcing. Whichever of the 12 you sell will result in that same car appearing for the next sourcing mission. In this way you can avoid having to drive the poor handling cars like the Z-Type or the Roosevelt. Figure out which ones you like driving the most and sell only those.

When it's time to sell there are more options. Three choices of the kind of client you will sell to. You can sell as is for the least profit, or choose from two levels of modification for higher profits. This is out of pocket and carries some risk. If the car get destroyed you're out the money. If we opt for the highest choices then max profit for the sale will be 100k, minus any additional damage incurred during delivery. That level of return requires 20k in mods, so works out to 80k per sale. In addition, there are 'collections' you can sell for more profit, which require several specific cars plus friends to help deliver them (must be sold together)

So far it's proving to be fun, and just the sort of thing I envisioned when taking the plunge online. The potential is there for really good money, but takes a significant investment in money and time. Glad I chose this route over the other business opportunities. The biggest annoyance so far is the fact that I cannot use the computer in the warehouse office to get the next source mission. I must return to the CEO office. Just a time wasting mechanic from Rockstar.

The La Puerta warehouse after sourcing the first couple of whips for my new business. It's filling up quickly and the money should start rolling in.

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Did anyone get their 250k for logging in last weekend yet?

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