DONT BUY MC club, its takes too long for profit and the profit is small, also almost no one does the activities.

Crate Warehouse business. It's a pretty good money maker, so the fact that it appears so often shows how boring the actual missions and running the business must be <<< actually the problem is the missions are too long.

- Hydra (GTAO's Harrier). Big Surprise. I see a lot of these when playing. I think if you aren't out to disrupt others, there's little reason to get one. <<<<<it is the noob griefer weapon on release, but not especially after thje air update, there are a lot of far more powerfull planes in the air, jet fighters, bombers, flying cars, flying motorcyclers, flying JET motorcycles, and a hover pack armed to the teeth.

Valentines day generaly has till death do us apart, its a nice pvp where if one player dies the other is the anchor for their respawn. and the cupid of doom (forget the name) pvp. both are cat and mouse versus

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