You've amassed that empire without doing any heists?

Appreciate the offer, and gratefully accept. Oden and I decided to put off the Fleeca job until Sunday. That's a two-man job and he and I will do that one (although you and I can do it too if you want to). After that we need a fourth, Where's Letterboy? Yo Letterboy, up for some heist action? There has to be at least one more here at SimHQ that wants to play and make some money. Sign up!

Oden and I messed around a little last night, made a bit of money and checked out his boat. He left it in dry dock biggrin

After he left I worked on getting my bank balance over the line to afford the vehicle warehouse. Needed 200 grand, and made that plus a 50k rainy day fund. Bought the La Puerta warehouse and I am glad I stuck to the plan and wasn't tempted to go for a cheaper option. It's really important to make good choices on how money is spent. And if I settle, it will nag at me. I could have saved 1.2 million with La Mesa and have a hangar now too. But I think it's best to buy what I want, rather than be looking to swap or upgrade down the line and suffer the loss (not to mention having to sell off all of the cars I've collected)

Once I had the warehouse I checked it out and attempted to get my first car for my new business venture. I know there are a number of missions involved, some easy, some hard. Not sure where the one I got falls, but it was to steal a Tyrus from a crime scene, dead dude still in the driver's seat, and it's crawling with cops, standing guard, taking photographs, etc.

So I circumnavigate the perimeter trying to decide what to do. Can I just walk up, jump in and drive off? Should I start gunning down the cops? Should I go find a cargobob and lift this thing right out from under them? It was really late and I have work this morning, so I decided to just jump in and go. Bad decision.

The cops opened fire before I even got in and it was a disaster from there. So many cops responded and I got slammed in to so many times that I just Alt-F4'd out and went to bed. Gotta read up on the different source missions and perhaps get some ideas on how to approach them. I should have cleared the cops close to the car and then call Lester to remove wanted level? I have yet to use that feature since evading cops is a fun part of the game, but for business purposes I better start using it. Screw you GTA for giving me that one for a first go smile

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